2019 Chinese New Year- a section of our lion dance at Hasting shopping centre.


The above clip is me being the tail and Sifu Tsang (Tai Chi master) wielding the head.  Once, inside the costume we perform as a team and the whole ‘animal’ should behave more like a Cat!

Chinese lion dance demands a huge amount of energy – namely, almost the entire body muscles are in a constant work out: a 5 minutes of performing feels like you had ran 5 km or more!  However, it is particularly good for martial art techniques. Some of the movements relates to punching, crouching, footwork, rolling, jumping, kicking, timing, etc…  In Chinese New Year, it is common to have a lion dance ritual which brings good omens and good luck to everybody and the drumming would certainly liven up the atmosphere!

On this note, I have introduced some of the lion dance movements in our monthly intensive training and hopefully, everyone would benefit from it.