Cambridge Wing Chun Kuen- Cheung’s Wing Chun 張氏詠春拳 Chris and Jenny’ emigrating to USA

Chris Chisnell and Jenny Spencer, both my good students(over 5 years) are about to emigrate to America. It is with great sadness that I loose two of my dedicated pupils, but also happy for them to have a new life in a new country.  Jenny is the lady who wield the knives in the video clip at the front page and Chris is the chap at the Wooden dummy session, also at the front page of this website.

They both came to me about 6 years ago and started learning Wing Chun at Dalham (a small village hall, near Newmarket). Wing Chun is not easy to learn at the beginning and took them a year to get to grips with the fundamentals. Once that were set into their head, it became easier. Over the years, on my request, they had participated some public shows on behalf of the Cambridge Chinese Community Centre (for which I am the secretary) and got some good reviews. Both should have had managed to have all the five forms in their head by now, hopefully! Apart from the Pole form, they should also have some basic foundation of Chi Sau, some application and some Cantonese terms of most of the techniques as well as some teaching experiences (i.e. small groups).  It is my hope, some days they can set up a class in the US; but all that in due course. One will never know what tomorrow will bring.

Throughout the years, they have helped many beginners and intermediates to progress during class sessions and also helped me a great deal, so I can provide a well rounded lesson for everyone. In light of this, we have arrange a good bye dinner do on the 16th November to show our appreciation. I hope those who know them can attend or at the very least pass your good will gesture to them via emails or whatapp or other means of communication.

In future, I would visit them in the US and see how they are. For now, we will have the dinner first !