John Cheung

Children class information is located at the bottom of this page.–  Cheung’s Wing Chun 張氏詠春拳

 Arbury Community Centre (adult class)

Campkin road, Cambridge CB4 2LD

Monday from 8.00pm to 9.30pm  (Every Monday, except Bank Holiday Monday)

Cost per head per session  £12.  

However, the last week of each month (as long as it is not a bank holiday), that particular session fee is £15 per head and starts from 7:30 – 9:30 pm (i.e. 2 hrs) to compensate the extra half an hour hiring cost. Within the 1st hour, we may do some Chi gung exercise or lion dance exercise or Tai Chi or other martial arts forms: depends on my mood on the day. The remaining 1.5 hours is solely Wing Chun kung fu.  If you are attending this one, ensure you bring a large bottle of water!

** Please note that there is no viewing or any concession whatsoever – participation is the normal procedure and everyone pays at the beginning of each lesson. In addition, a uniform need to be earn as well as bought:meaning any new student has to have at least a month’s learning before he or she is worthy of the uniform (i.e. depending on the individual’s character and personality). **

Tai Chi class – now begins from 7:30- 8:30 pm. Existing pupils, please wear the Tai Chi uniform and the fee is now set at £7 per head (however, no Tai Chi class for every last week of each month).

Wing Chun Students begins from 8pm – 9:30 pm at £12 per head except the last week of each month which is set at £15 for that week (intensive session- 2 hour duration- i.e. from 7:30- 9:30 pm).


Private Wing Chun lesson : one to one only.

Cost per 1 hour session is £30 at Pupil’s location, plus to & fro petrol cost if distance is far, with Time and Date arranged via emails.


After a month of joining a class, all pupils MUST wear uniforms and within 2 months, the annual membership fee (i.e. Association’s insurance-£36 per year) must be settled. This is a necessity for health & safety reason that normally apply to all martial activities in the UK. The cost for our uniform is as follow : t-shirt = £16,  trouser = £26.

For private one-to-one lesson, tuition fee is £30 per hour within a 2.5 miles radius of Cambridge City Centre at the pupil’s location. For further destinations, I will need to add petrol cost ( & fro journey).  Time and date to be arranged via email.


CHILDREN CLASS: Chinese Martial Arts for Children

This children class is for term times ONLY and the tuition fee needs to be settled at the beginning of EACH term (preferred payment methods: Paypal/Cash/bank transfer):  Here are some example of some past payments:

 Starts on the 6th Sept – 18th October    (7 weeks)                                 =  £49 per child.

2nd period:   1st Nov – 20th December (8 weeks)                                        =  £56       ”

3rd period:   3rd Jan – 21st Feb, exclude the 14th Feb (7 weeks)              =  £49        ”

4th period:    28th Feb – 28th March     (5 weeks)                                        = £35         ”

5th period:   5th April – 30th May       (7 weeks)                                           = £49         ”

This works out £7 per head per session (6:30 – 7:30 pm); so please be punctual.

***No class in the summer holiday period, though there may be couple of training workshop for the kids.***