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Beginners getting the proper grip of the ‘goat’ stance.

The following are some of the students testimonials:

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Since my university years, I have done a variety of sports and martial arts which ranged from classical boxing and karate to tai chi, tang soo do and wing chun most recently. My studies with Sifu Cheung started when after several years of tang soo do and tai chi experience I was looking for a wing chun class and I was lucky to come across an advert of Sifu’s “dojo” in east Cambridge. I have been attending the wing chun group classes with Sifu once a week for a few years now as well as following my previous tang soo do classes. What I enjoy at Sifu’ class compared to the traditional tang soo do or karate classes is the pair work which teaches the basic principles of relaxation and harmonization of the mind and the body. It is a very close style but at the same time it is far away from the sparring. The goal is not to “score” but actually to accept that you can be “punched” and to learn the technique by abandoning your “ego”. I also like the fact that in comparison with many instructors, Sifu Cheung who apparently has a wealth of martial arts knowledge beyond the wing chunencourages the students to think about efficiency and adaption of the martial art in application to their individual physical characteristics without insisting on perfection of certain rigid canonical forms. I especially like the fact that Sifu is always keen to explain the biomechanics of each particular move rather than demanding his disciples to bluntly copy the moves without an attempt of understanding. For example, this style of Sifu’s teaching allows me to forge some of the wing chun elements into my tang soo do, which style is very good for the kicking techniques but not so good for the hand techniques and close combat, and vice versa.          –  5th Dec 2018.


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In any martial arts, genuine mastery lies not just in learning and gaining proficiency and efficiency in the physical techniques, but in harmonizing and syncing the body, mind and spirit. Learning to block, kick, punch and throw among a myriad of other techniques is as much about overcoming external obstacles as internally, where development of physical strength and inner calm goes hand-in-hand. In Sifu John Cheung’s Wing Chun classes, one gradually discovers all these elements and much more. Other than being a dedicated and caring mentor, Sifu encourages his students to understand, imbibe and practise not just the self-defense techniques, but also, the true spirit of Wing Chun. It is a privilege to be his student and learn the art of Wing Chun from him. Su

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“I have been attending the classes for almost three month now and I am still enjoying it a lot. I like the way the classes are structured and I like that we are learning the philosophy of the martial art and implementing it in the real life situations. Because I am a girl guys are being more careful when training with me which I think is not necessary, but understandable :). I am really glad I decided to try the class at the first place. Looking forward to continue the training.”

Learner 1

I have been a martial artist for many years studying many styles ranging from muay thai, karate, kempo, aikido as well as mixed martial arts but nothing compares to the beauty of Wing Chun, its intricate techniques/footwork along with the effectiveness at close range. I happened across Sifu Cheung’s club by chance whilst looking for local eastern martial arts via the internet and social media as i wanted to find a very traditional art that not only taught the external art of Wing Chun but also the inner art focusing on QiGong, harmonisation and relaxation of ones inner self and its ancestral homes language and ways. It is very rare to find such a traditional teacher and school in the UK to which i feel very humble to have found Sifu Cheung, his style and his indepth knowledge of the mysterious art and his passion to teach students methodically and in a repetitive manner to ensure students receive the muscle memory required to use the techniques studied confidently. The school not only teaches you an art but it encourages all students to learn the Chinese language and more, this has encouraged me to take on learning Mandarin and Cantonese to enhance my knowledge of this amazing country as well as Sifu Cheung and Sifu Tsang’s Tai Chi classes It i safe to say that my martial journey with Sifu cheung and studies of this ancient art and country are here to stay and i look forward to spending many years with him.

Learner 2I have been taking private Wing Chun lessons with Sifu John Cheung for approximately two years, and found him a patient and informative teacher which has really helped my Wing Chun tuition. Each lesson is varied and focuses on a couple of different aspects, with Sifu teaching the movements, and more importantly, the practical applications behind them. Furthermore, Sifu also goes in to the philosophy, explaining the reasoning behind each move or principle as well as their reason for their name, helping you better understand their application. Over the years I have taken both private and group classes at many different martial art institutions, and rarely is this level of teaching and insight given. It really helps in the understanding of the principles and gives a much broader and complete learning experience.” –- Phil Warburt

Learner 3The Wing Chun classes with Sifu John are very useful. Usually the groups are not big and therefore Sifu gives a lot of individual attention. He is a sharp observer and gets right down to the core so that you feel a direct improvement once you act upon his suggestion. He focuses on what works rather than training something abstract which does not help in real life. As a Sifu with a holistic approach to Wing Chun we also did Lion Dance to sophisticate our foot work and maintain our lower stance, reaping the benefits of getting more stability and strengthening the structure. This class is equally beneficial for beginners as well as advanced students.

Learner 4I approached John to learn basic self-defence, but there is such a fascinating artistry to Wing Chun that I’ve continued our sessions.

John is a great teacher and the lessons are hugely enjoyable. He also does a great job of adapting Wing Chun for my son.

Phil Graves

Learner 5“Sifu John Cheung is the most fantastic and brilliant teacher I have ever met. When I first learned Wing Chun, he was patient to teach me the basics and I had to go through some rigorous training that I had never went through in my life. I felt that learning Wing Chun has improved both my stamina and my strength as well as understanding the philosophy behind of every move. I would highly recommend other martial arts enthusiast to come along as I found Sifu John’s lesson to be the most fun and enjoyable experience in Cambridge.”

Learner 6I have been practising Wing Chun for about 4-5 years from Sifu John Cheung. I am probably Sifu’s prodigal student because I would not show up to class for a  month to 6 months and then to return again. I think I started at the same time as  Ben Huckel.  I started Karate when I was 6. I got to 1st blue belt which was four  away from black.I took part in a couple of tournaments but had to leave the club  when I was 10 when our family moved to St. Ives. I tried Tang Soo Do and Ninjitsu for about a year in St. Ives. I’ve loved everything to do with Martial Arts, it’s history and culture ever since I can remember.When I turned 12 like a lot of teenagers I turned down the wrong path and lived a party lifestyle until I was 26 although Martial Arts still burned deep inside my soul. So when I started Wing Chun I wasn’t as committed as I should have been.I eventually sorted myself out, quit smoking and put my juvenile past behind me. Sifu had always said “come back when you are ready”. Sifu understood and welcomed me back. Sifu John Cheung is a great teacher. He loves Wing Chun and Martial Arts and he has a very philosophical and mechanical approach to his teaching which help you to understand not only how to defend yourself but a deeper understanding of life and Wing Chun Kuen.

Thank You Sifu.“People walk the bow, I walk the string”

Richard Findlow.

Learner 7I have wanted to learn martial arts for some time and recently came across Wing Chung. Having attended for a few months now with my son, I am very please to have chosen this form and John’s classes. The martial art style is comfortable and effective, taught in an engaging manner with a lot of patience. The class size allows for close scrutiny, whilst being large enough to include people at various stages. We are both enjoying it, aim to continue and would happily recommend it to others –-  Mick Hickey.

Learner 8I am a black belt in Tang Soo Do and starting wing chun in the US with Sifu Steve Lee Swift in Oldsmar, FL. I was looking for a place in England to continue training  which led me to meet Sifu John Cheung. The training was very enjoyable and I learned a lot about the art and philosophy behind each move. My favourite part of class is  the free sparring where techniques learned previously can be applied in a realistic manner. I would strongly recommend Wing Chun to any martial artist with a lot of  experience in traditional arts –-  Austen Bolitho  2014.

Learner 9This is my first experience of learning a martial art and I did look around a little before settling on Wing Chun with Sifu John. I have to say the whole experience is really enjoyable and fun, and I definitely feel like I am learning something and being helped to progress. Sifu John is very patient and makes sure that the whole class of different levels of experience are catered for. I would definitely recommend the classes for anyone of any background and experience. –- Jeremy Dexter

Learner 10I thoroughly enjoyed training at Cambridge Wing Chun in between university semesters. Sifu John is an outstanding instructor and I really appreciated the time he invested into teaching me the principles of Wing Chun in a way that I could easily understand and follow. I had a lot of fun attending this class, there is a great atmosphere and the whole club is very friendly and welcoming. -–  Enrico Teterra

Learner 11Wing Chun is a very effective, and enjoyable, martial art, and the class is welcoming and friendly.  Sifu John Cheung teaches in a traditional Chinese way, which means a superb scientific attention to technique.  As an older student I’m not a fit as the younger ones, but I’m encouraged to be the very best I can be, whilst training safely.  I feel I’m gaining a lot of benefits from the class both in terms of fitness, health and outlook.  I very much look forward to the training each week, and I can thoroughly recommend the class to anyone -– Adam Brown

Learner 12My name is Richard and I’m an engineer working in Cambridge. I started coming to Wing Chun with Sifu John Cheung about four or five months ago, having never done a martial   art before. I’ve found it to be enjoyable and rewarding and classes have been pitched well for me as a beginner as well as providing plenty for those more advanced in the group. Sifu John teaches well in a friendly style, with an attention to detail and considering application, not just mindless motions. I would recommend this class to anyone interested. -– Richard Cunliffe.

Learner 13“I have been practicing Wing Chun for some time now and I have always found that it has been difficult to strike the balance between theory and practicals. Sifu Johns Cheung’s class seems to have stroke that balance. What i admire the most is that Sifu class uncovers a lot that is not first apparent with the art due to the very interesting attention to detail. I always go home after each lesson saying why did i not see this in the beginning! with this style of teaching there is no doubt that i will continue to be curious about the new things i discover, thereby ultimately improving my Wing Chun -–  Ngwa Ashusina.

Learner 14“I have always liked martial arts and keeping fit. I practice Karate but have always been keen to try Wing Chun.  So I was delighted to discover Sifu John Cheung’s class. I am really enjoying the classes they are a friendly fun and focused place to be, the techniques you learn are very strong and clever, but at the same time you need to be relaxed but alert and natural, it’s a real challenge. The techniques are very clearly explained with the excellent patient guidance of Sifu John Cheung. You can improve your overall fitness your core balance coordination and strength, increase your flexibility and sharpen up your reflexes in this martial art, Im really glad I found Cambridge Wing Chun — James Youlden

Learner 15“I’ve always had a big interest in Martial Arts and I have previously studied Karate, Boxing and a little Judo, but I’ve now found Wing Chun and I love it! Personally, it beats the others hands down.

Cambridge Wing Chun is a friendly and professional club and my Sifu, John Cheung, has been a massive help to me in trying to find my feet in these early few weeks. His attention to detail and technique is just what I’m looking for in a Sifu. I’m really enjoying my classes and I always look forward to them. I love the history of Wing Chun and it is helping me in all aspects of my life. I know I will be learning Wing Chun for the rest of my life!” — Chris.

Learner 16“After 2 years of searching I have finally found a Sifu in Cambridge that teaches traditional wing chun, in which each session I myself have learned something new, regardless from what I’ve read from previous Yip Man lineage Wing Chun books/ DVD’s. From the big differences to the littlest tweaks, that will ultimately affect how effective your technique will be, Sifu really knows what he knows, ready to answer any questions you may have and has enabled to help me make sense of why we’re doing what we’re doing in and how a little difference in your technique can differ how effective it can be, in a constructive approach. After my first encounter with Sifu Cheung, at my first session, I knew right there and then this is what I was looking in an instructor. Joining these classes have really shed light on my life, and I’m happy and proud to say I will be attending Sifu’s Classes for as long as they are available.”- Mitchell Witt

Learner 17“I have really enjoyed learning Wing Chun under the guidance of Sifu Jonh Cheung. His attention to detail and the whole ethos of his school has been excellant and I would thoroughly reccomend this class to anyone interested.

Whilst I am only a beginner I look forward to continuing my training in WIng Chun and improving my overall fitness.”

Neel Kothari

Learner 18I have been studying Wing Chun under Sifu John Cheung for over 2 years now. From someone who was unfit and office bound, I am fitter, healthier, more confident and much more relaxed. Wing Chun has helped develop a sense of inner calm within me. Kung Fu translates literaly as ‘hard work’ over time and make no mistake, training is hard !, but the rewards are substantial. I can not recommend Wing Chun highly enough. ” –- Ben Huckel

Learner 19“I have had an interest in Chinese martial arts for many years and had been looking for an opportunity to learn Wing Chun.

Joining Sifu John Cheung’s class has exceeded all of my expectations. I have thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of physical exercise and focus on form, theory and application. With a friendly, open and focused atmosphere, training is a pleasure. I feel privileged to be a student at this club.”

Tristram Fox

Learner 20 “Having always been interested in martial arts and keeping fit I was delighted to find Sifu John Cheung’s Wing Chun class. I enjoy the class not only because it’s fun but keeps me fit and allows me to keep my mind active as well. The techniques you learn are very accurate and precise but at the same time you feel relaxed and calm. Wing Chun is good for any level of fitness, as the more you practice, the fitter you become. I think anyone will be able to master the moves and techniques under the excellent tuition, careful guidance and patience of Sifu John Cheung. You can achieve the techniques in this martial art without having to be the biggest or the strongest. I also like the fact that Wing Chun was invented by a woman and it makes me feel more confident, which is always a bonus. –- Jennifer Sadler

Learner 21 “I have been learning from Sifu Cheung now for 18 months. I have found the teaching method to be clear and effective.

I would recommend these classes to anyone wanting to know more about the art of Kung Fu, and it’s mental and physical benefits in their everyday lives. “

James Cope Brown

Learner 22“Sifu Cheung’s teaching of Wing Chun is informative,relaxed, and very enjoyable. Sifu understands Wing Chun traditions and how they can be used to condition your body and mind. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of the class and Sifu’s ability to ensure all learning abilities are catered for.  

Sifu will get the best out of you and you will enjoy the experience too as he is a very humble guy with a great sense of humour. He always takes the time to make sure how and why the techniques work ” – James Gemmell

Learner 23“I am very content so far as I feel like everything I’m doing in class I’m being explained as to why I’m doing the movements as well as shown how to do them. Which I never got in my previous Wing Chun class in which I felt I was always at a loss by the end of class and not much further ahead. But with this class I feel likeI’ve always learned and achieved more knowledge and techniques that I can remember and put into practice when I’m not in class.” -– Salvatore Cesaro

Learner 24“I have only been studying with Sifu John Cheung for only a few months having had no previous experience of Wing Chun before. I have found him to be very approachable, helpful and an excellent teacher. I really enjoy the practical approach taken within the class, which seems to have an emphasis on applying theory to real situations.

With Sifu Cheung’s assistance I feel that I am slowly starting to progress in the art.” — Chris Chrisnall

Learner 25“I am finding the Wing Chun classes very interesting, enjoyable and challenging so far. It is a very effective system of combat and I’m keen to follow the discipline and learn more. Techniques involve very fast attacks through the centre line of the opponent’s body, invading their space and immoblilising them as quickly as possible. It seems to come from a very fluid and relaxed mind and body state.” – Luke Townsend

Learner 26I have a few years of experience with different styles of Wing Chun from Germany and Switzerland. However, I only started practicing again quite recently after a break of about two years. Training with Sifu John Cheung, it becomes obvious very quickly that he has a deep understanding and broad knowledge of his subject He also has a keen eye for details when it comes to the correct- ness of stances or movements. His classes so far had low numbers of students and did not seem to follow a fixed curriculum, insteadthey focused flexibly on different topics and allow plenty of direct interaction between Sifu John and each student –- Hendrik Wessier.