Cambridge Wing Chun Kuen – Cheung’s Wing Chun 張氏詠春拳- The Spade Hand: ChannSau (鏟掌)

The Spade Hand: ChannSau (鏟掌)

The Wing Chun video opposite is hopefully one of many we intend to present to demonstrate why Wing Chun is not a sport, it is easy to learn and can be deadly. Subsequently, it is not recommended for kids without parental guidance and/or lacking in self- discipline or maturity of thought.

For now, remember that this technique does not require strength but your intelligence, belief and practice of executing the techniques of which the spade hand (鏟掌) is but the final movement to a series of other techniques such as the Pak Sau, the horizontal palm strike and the sinking or turning motion of the stance. 張氏詠春

= Spade hand 鏟掌