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Why learn Wing Chun?

Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the most realistic and devastating martial arts you can learn.  It’s simple and effective; size, age and gender are no barrier and its techniques and principles are taught around the world to law enforcement, the military, special forces and security professionals.  Of course, its most famous practitioner was the formidable Bruce Lee who recognised its effectiveness and based much of his Jeet Kune Do kung fu on Wing Chun.

In short, Wing Chun is a proven system of fighting.

What makes Wing Chun such a popular choice for self-defence?

Techniques that work in the real world

Wing Chun “gets the job done”.  What do we mean by that?  We mean, you won’t find fancy techniques that are nice to look at but are impractical, ineffective or simply do not work in a real confrontation.

You won’t find techniques that, whilst undoubtedly effective, rely on youth or strength to apply or assume you face just one opponent whose friends will stand by passively whilst you fight him.

Wing Chun is designed to neutralise a threat (or threats) quickly – in a matter of seconds – allowing you to escape safely.  It’s not about posing or choreographed, unrealistic  fighting.  It’s instinctual and direct – a few seconds of sustained aggression to neutralise a threat.

Wing Chun In Action

Quick to learn

Wing Chun does not take years of training to learn.  With regular, good-quality tuition, you can become competent in three or four months.  Of course, it takes many years to excel at Wing Chun but with just the basics you could defend yourself against the typical, untrained thug.

Effective for all

When it comes to self-defence, Wing Chun truly levels the playing field.  It was invented by a woman and to this day you can see how it shuns pitting strength against strength but instead uses simple physics to achieve its goals.

Since it does not rely on physical build or strength, its effectiveness is not diminished by the practitioner’s age as much as other styles.

A good basis for further martial arts study

Even if you do not dedicate yourself solely to Wing Chun, its principles will stand you in good stead for other martial arts systems.  In short, it’s a practical and valuable arsenal in your martial arts training.  Think of it as the core component in your learning to fight.  If you have a good grounding in Wing Chun, you will have a huge advantage over many other fighters.

Make the decision to learn Wing Chun

What if you made the decision to learn Wing Chun today?  However you choose to spend the next few months, the time will pass.  You can spend your evenings in front of the television watching rubbish or you can invest some of that time to learn something that is useful and will develop you as a person?

On a personal level, Wing Chun will give you:Angle

  • The ability to defend yourself in the real world with a proven and respected martial arts system
  • Confidence and improved self-esteem
  • Self-discipline and self-respect
  • Achieve a high level of fitness tailored to your physique without the need for  expensive equipment.

Beginner and Advanced Courses available

Cheungs Wing Chun UK offers high-quality tuition in small, supportive and friendly groups.  Classes are held once a week (soon to be twice but at different location) by Sifu John Cheung and one-to-one tuition is also available (click on ‘classes’ for further information).