What is Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a form of martial art that is most effective at close range.

Why Learn Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Proven System of Fighting and a very Popular Choice for Self-defence?

How to Practice Wing Chun

Read Articles for how to practice Wing Chun and testimonials from students sharing !

Class RESUME on the 7th September, but need to bring a mask prior to entering the centre and registration where necessary. This are temporary measures until situation improves.

For Adult class – Arbury Community Centre, Campkin Road, Cambridge CB4 2LD: Monday 

Tai Chi 7:30 – 8:30pm

Wing Chun – 8 – 9:30 pm.

For Age 5 – 10

St.Paul’s Primary School,  Coronation Street CB2 1HJ.

Wednesday  6:30 – 7:30 pm.

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Cambridge Wing Chun Kuen, UK- 張氏詠春拳


DSCF0119Si-gung and me – 2007 Hong kong 葉凖師公與我.

What is Wing Chun?

Shifu John CheungCambridge Wing Chun, UK-張氏詠春拳- Cheungs Wing Chun is a form of martial art that is most effective at close range. Wing Chun was developed from around the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) for practical self defence rather than for sport or exhibition. Its characteristic nature is to attack relentlessly when the opportunity arises, while simultaneously neutralizing the opponent’s attack. As such, movements are swift, efficient and economical.

Its practicality comes from not relying on the student’s size, gender, age or the initial need for a high level of fitness or flexibility. But instead, Wing Chun relies on the students’ intelligence and understanding of simple concepts and principles together with a lot of practice.  At Cheungs Wing Chun, students are taught techniques, concepts and principles of which are:

  • Redirect powerful attacks as oppose to use strength against strength.
  • Use their entire body mass to generate power.
  • To use and control the center-line to misdirect and unbalance your opponent.

Naturally, with training fitness and flexibility would be improved provided the Student puts in the effort. Above is an example of private 1-1 lesson clip Wing Chun fighting art (Ip Chun’s lineage):

Over the last five years, I have been working on writing an introduction book( Intricate Wing Chun(1) ) about the art of Wing Chun and some of its fundamental principles. It has taken this long to ensure the content is sound and really glad that I finished it (Now, I can concentrate on the Chinese version as well as the next one ‘Intricate Wing Chun(2) – Chum Kiu’.

The 1st edition (in English) can be purchased on Ebay or here at the price £25 + postage and here are the following description:

Wing Chun Kung Fu, is really a close range fighting art that involves a lot of fundamental principles that are similar to science. Generally, this kind of knowledge is not often displayed or explained in depth: a novice will have no idea what to look for in a Sifu (mentor), or be able to identify strengths and weaknesses within the art. This book provides the knowledge necessary for a novice to choose the correct path in the art of Wing Chun. One third of the book, placed heavy emphasis on the basic stance ‘Yee Chee Kim Yeung Ma’ 二字箝羊馬 , 1st form ‘ Siu Lim Tau’ 小念頭and their correct alignment, gripping criteria and multiple hand techniques. The remaining concentrates on other application principles, few exercises, in depth understanding of yielding and energy ‘borrowing’ and author’s view about the art.

The information here is just as useful for novices as well as for the experienced practitioners, who can digest and fine tune their skills. The author’s hope that by reading this book, the reader should and would have enough knowledge to make up his or her mind to choose a good school/club and more importantly a good Sifu (i.e. a mentor).

A complete novice who has no back ground knowledge of Wing Chun, may waste a lot of his or her valuable time, acquired bad habits and wasted a lot of the money in pursuing the wrong path: unless the individual is very lucky in locating a good Sifu by chance!

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Here are some class exercises below: